CATTLE SHOW TUB Fence style - {10 LBS}

CATTLE SHOW TUB Fence style - {10 LBS}


INTRODUCING……CATTLE SHOW TUB new to the already great CEG Product lineup.  CATTLE SHOW TUB is designed PERFECTLY for traveling with cattle & for the show barns, with two designs – to be placed on floor or hook on board fence or panel.  This product however, can also be for cattle out in the pasture or pens.  The tubs are palatable to cattle and contain Protein, Electolytes & Chelated Minerals to maintain the animals nutrition intake while on the road!

Another must have for your cattle tool box!

Usage Instructions:  Place Tubs in front of animal or where animals congregate such as near water or feed. 

WARNING:  This supplement contains added COPPERDO NOT FEED TO SHEEP or other species that have low tolerance to supplemental copper.